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Call Back ServiceWellingborough based taxi firm Lee cabs have teamed up with telecommunications company Mercury to launch a new service that calls your phone to let you know when your taxi has arrived.

The idea is to save drivers from sounding their horns on arrival and allows customers to wait inside without the need to brave the elements or to keep looking out of their windows.

Since forming in 1997 Lee cabs have become Wellingborough’s premier taxi company with over 55 private hire taxis, euro cabs and minibuses on the road.

They offer cheapest rates on local and long distance fares and specialize in airport transfers and executive travel.

If you would like to take advantage of their new callback service simply store the callback number which is 01933 442898 onto your mobile phone and landline under ‘Taxi waiting’ or something similar. The next time you book a taxi with Lee cabs from your phone ‘Taxi waiting’ will appear on your phone when it has arrived.

For further information on callback or any of the services please visit www.leecabs.com or call on 01933 442444

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